Why is Kitchen Design So Important?

modern kitchen with huge island
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Careful Design Ensures The Best Experience

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home. We use them to cook and clean, of course, but we also gather in the kitchen. We have our morning coffee at the table.

We listen to our kids talk about their school days and help our grandchildren mix up a fresh batch of cookies. We plant herb gardens in window sills and create coffee stations that rival Starbucks.

That's one reason why design is so important - the kitchen is the place where so many family memories are made.

Following are some of the reasons we are passionate about kitchen design:

A Well-Designed Kitchen Gives You Space

Cluttered kitchens are hardly inviting. A well-designed kitchen can fit your needs perfectly (even if the room is small). It includes space for everything, including family dinners, marathon baking sessions, and hanging out with friends while you cook and clean.

A Thoughtful Design Saves Time

Have you ever cooked a meal in a disorganized kitchen? A well-organized kitchen makes a big difference.

You're able to find everything when you need it, and grocery list planning is easier when you can see what you already have. Your trash is where you need it, your sink is where you need it, and you have a tool within reach for every task. The time you save quickly adds up.

Great Storage Design Places Important Items Within Reach

Insufficient storage creates a host of problems, particularly when you're cooking or putting away groceries.

A well-designed kitchen includes built-in storage for everything you need at your fingertips: plates, cutlery, staples, appliances, spices, and more. WoodMaster strategically plans your cabinets and pantry so everything you need is accessible.

modern custom kitchen in off-white

A Well-Lit Kitchen Makes Chores Easier

Working on a surface with inadequate lighting is tiring. A good kitchen designer makes sure your work areas and storage spaces are properly lit, the switches are within easy reach, it's easy to swap bulbs, and the fixtures are easy to clean.

Multipurpose Kitchens Are More Useful

Most people do much more than cook in the kitchen. In fact, many modern homes don't even have a separate dining room.

These days, kitchens are a hub where everyone gathers. They include space for a quick meal, a glass of wine with friends or a community bake-off.

farmer's sink and dishwasher in large island
narrow pullout cupboard full of spices and condiments
high cabinets with glass in doors
huge modern kitchen with high white cabinets

Well-Designed Kitchens are Safer

From the well-designed kitchen triangle to adequate lighting, there are several features your kitchen designer can include to improve safety.

Motion-activated nightlights can prevent missteps at night. Sturdy built-in footstools can provide safe access to high cabinets. Non-skid flooring can reduce slips and falls.

Great Kitchens Help Sell Homes

You can reap the benefits of a great kitchen design now, but don't forget about resale value. The Appraisal Institute of Canada says a kitchen renovation has the highest return on investment.(PDF)

The best kitchens start with professional design.

If you're looking for a quality kitchen designer near you, you can count on Woodmaster. We're located in Red Deer and serve all of Central Alberta.

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